A formal complaint against BBC Great Lakes’ editor Ali Yusuf Mugenzi

Mr Mugenzi, Editor- Great Lakes - BBC World Service

A practicing lawyer and British Citizen with a dual heritage from the Kirundi culture has officially written to BBC Director General, Lord Tony Hall requesting “the suspension of Mr Ali Yusuf Mugenzi, editor of the Kirundi-Kinyarwanda program pending a full investigation for breaching the BBC code of conduct and editorial standards.”

Mr Ndikumana, a British Tax Payer wrote the letter dated 11th September 2017 as one of many British license-fee payers who are concerned by the BBC Kirundi-Kinyarwanda” due to the fact that its editorial standards is far short of the standards they have enjoyed when listening to the BBC news in English, Mr Ndikumana told BurundiDaily.net.
Asked whether he had contacted Mr Mugenzi in relation to the above concern, Mr Ndikumana said that he has tried more than once but all his efforts were ignored. The communication to the BBC Director General, Lord Hall was decided after he was convinced that Mr Mugenzi was purposely ignoring his concern.

The letter points out three main reasons as to why Mr Ndikumana requests a full investigation for breaching the BBC code of conduct and editorial standards.

First, he stipulates that he would like the BBC to investigate the extent to which the BBC-Kirundi has failed to cover these major events in connection with the constant violations of human rights in Burundi. Second and with supporting evidences, he fears that Mr Mugenzi may be influenced by his personal view and political interests while exercising his duty as a BBC Kirindi-Kinyarwanda Editor. Third and last, Mr Pacelli Ndikumana states that Mr Mugenzi ignores some sources of news just because of where are coming from giving example to his current research on Mr Nkurunziza’s breach of Burundi Constitution since he entered office in August 2005 which Mr Mugenzi classified as no news even though it attracted the interest of other media who report on Burundi.

Mr Ndikumana concludes his letter hoping that the letter would be the wake up call for a full review of the selection process of editorial content of the news and other programs, its delivery and the monitoring process of the BBC-Kirundi.

To read the full content of the letter, click here.

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2 Comments on "A formal complaint against BBC Great Lakes’ editor Ali Yusuf Mugenzi"

  1. karenga ramadhan | 13 septembre 2017 at 10:15 | Répondre

    I have ready thé lettre and believe that Mr Ndikumana Pacelli has full right to complain about the way the BBC Création Lakes Lifeline programs are focussing attention tout the région. So far putting in doubt the éditorial position if Mugenzi I think it is notre fair knowing very much as one of the pionneers if the pgrm how important and crucial was his Big contribution to the success of the pgrm. Otherwise requesting his dismissal is not even a best solution. Hon. Karenga Ramadhan

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